Meet Your Host

Kate Arnott started her career as a radio and television journalist with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Melbourne in 1996.

She stayed with the ABC for the next 18 years, working as a presenter, reporter, researcher, producer and editor for high profile news and current affairs programs such as AM, PM, the 7PM TV News and The World. 

Since leaving the ABC, Kate has been lecturing and tutoring in broadcast journalism at RMIT & La Trobe Universities in Victoria. She’s also worked for a variety of television production companies and performed the role of Chief of Staff for Tennis Australia Productions at the Australian Open.

Story telling has always been her passion. So it’s no surprise she’s entered the world of podcasting. As the researcher, producer, writer, interviewer, presenter and editor of ‘Leading Change: The Technology in Schools Podcast’, Kate has relished the opportunity to be trusted with so many important, inspiring and wonderful stories from the world of education. 

She experienced vast technological change in the TV and radio industry over the past 20 years. And having had parents as senior teachers and school leaders, Kate has also taken a keen interest in the delivery of education.

In her spare time, Kate is developing her skills as a photographer, working her way through every new restaurant in Melbourne and holidaying in Asia and Europe. 

Kate Arnott - Host of the 'Leading Change' Podcast

Kate Arnott - Host of the 'Leading Change' Podcast

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